Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's the dates of VW TOMIE?


  • The dates for VW TOMIE Festival are now first May Bank Holiday                                                   2022
  • The dates for Summer Camp-out are Friday 16th - Tuesday 20th July                                               2021



Question: What time are the gates open?

                   Answer: Gates open from 09:00 on Friday 16th July 

Gates will be manned and accessable 24 hours from Friday 16th 09:00 (you must have valid wristbands every time you enter/leave).

Security contact number will be posted on the gate. If you arrive late don't panic security will park you up in the holding area for the night until morning



Question: How do I get to VW TOMIE?

                    Answer: Just click on Directions & Maps  here



Question: Can I bring my dog with me?

                    Answer: Dogs are allowed on site providing that they are on a lead, under control,                                        not causing a nuisance and any mess is disposed of properly.





Question: What does a PITCH PASS get me?


  • A 30ft x 30ft Grass Pitch for your campervan / caravan / tents
  • 2 Adult wristbands & up to 4 kids wristbands (add ons available at check out)     
  • Access to bar & hot food kiosk
  • 24 hour access to hot showers     



Question: When's the latest I can book tickets online?

                   Answer: Saturday 10th July 2021.



Question: Can I camp with my friends?

                   Answer: Of course you can camp with your friends. However we wont be able to                                            reserve a space. The best way to guarantee a space for you all will be to                                              arrive at the same time. We can only reserve group spaces for clubs.



Question: How can I book a Club Camping ticket?

                   Answer: Please contact your club representative who can book bulk tickets by                                               contacting the TOMIE team on 

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