Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's the dates of VW TOMIE?

                     Answer:  The dates for VW TOMIE are:- from midday Thursday 7th May 2020,

                                         till midday Sunday 10th May 2020.


Question: How do I get to VW TOMIE?

                    Answer: Just go on the Show Info page and click on Directions & Maps


Question: Can I bring my dog with me?

                    Answer: Dogs are allowed on site providing that they are on a lead, under control,                                        not causing a nuisance and any mess is disposed of properly.


Question: What time are the gates open?

                   Answer: The gates will be open at the times shown below

                                       Thursday 12am till 10pm (Traders & Campers)

                                       Friday 10am till 6pm (Day visitors,traders & campers)

                                       Saturday 10am till 6pm (Day visitors,traders & campers)

                                       Sunday 10am till 4pm (Exit only)


Question: How much are tickets?

                   Answer: Click on the Tickets page to find out our prices.


Question: What does a camping ticket get me?

                   Answer: A camping ticket gives you: 

  • Access to the whole site for the weekend
  • 24 hour access to hot showers                      
  • Kids entertainment during the day on Saturday 
  • Live entertainment in the evening on Thursday, Friday & Saturday  

                                     *However the inflateables and other trade stalls are not included in the                                       ticket price as they come from an outside source.


Question: When do early bird tickets end?

                   Answer: The early bird ticket special offer ends on 29th February 2020.


Question: When's the latest I can book tickets online?

                   Answer: The sale of tickets online ends on 1st May 2020. However you can purchase                                         your tickets at Meet & Greet on the show dates.


Question: Can I camp with my friends?

                   Answer: Of course you can camp with your friends. However we wont be able to                                            reserve a space. The best way to guarantee a space for you all will be to                                              arrive at the same time. We can only reserve group spaces for clubs.


Question: How can I book a Club Camping ticket?

                   Answer: Please contact your club representative who can book bulk tickets by                                               contacting the TOMIE team on 


Question: How can I reserve a pitch for my club?

                  Answer: Who ever is the representative for the club please email us at                                                     

                                      to let us know how many members of the club will be camping so we can                                         reserve the right camping space for the club. Please be aware that we                                               must be informed this no later than 14th April.


Question: How do I enter the Show and Shine competition? 

                   Answer: Collect entry form from the bar situated in the marquee, fill in your                                                 details and vehicle details and follow instructions printed on the forms. 

                                       Friday (Public Vote) & Saturday (Judges Vote)                                   

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